Press release

Ridgefield, CT – 27 February 2013: Simple Alternatives, LLC, along with Ineichen Research and Management ("IR&M") announced today the availability of a new research paper authored by Alexander Ineichen, CFA, CAIA, FRM, titled, “Hedge Fund Performance.”

In this research, Alexander Ineichen examines recent hedge fund performance and discusses concepts related to absolute returns investing and active risk management.

“Alexander Ineichen is a global thought leader focused on risk management, and absolute returns research,” said James K. Dilworth CEO and founder of Simple Alternatives.  “We are very pleased to partner with Ineichen Research and Management on important research pertaining to our industry.”

“At Simple Alternatives, we believe that active risk management plays a vital role in achieving better risk-adjusted returns.  As alternative investment strategies become more widely available, access to high quality research and investor education is an important part of the adoption process,” concluded James Dilworth.

Alexander Ineichen, founder of Ineichen Research and Management AG added, “Investing in a long-only fashion is like driving up a hill in a car with no brakes; as long as it’s going up, everything seems fine. However, when it goes downhill on the other side, additional tools and skills are required to control risk.  As one of the most sophisticated providers in the liquid alternatives category, Simple Alternatives shares our understanding of absolute returns investing.  Together we are pleased to provide this research to advance an ‘enduring style' of risk management.”

Full press release can be found here.