We offer two types of research: absolute returns research and risk management research . The former is for investors who outsource certain risk management tasks to third parties. The latter is targeted at risk takers and decision makers, that is, investors who have internalized risk management.

Our risk management research is subscription based. The written material of our absolute returns research is freely availably on our website.


Risk management research

IR&M’s risk management research was designed to improve investment decision making. The basic premise is the idea that long-term success is dependent on survival and avoidance of large losses, i.e., the management of risk, not returns.

IR&M’s risk management research is fact based. Conclusions are drawn from changing conditions, rather than opinions. As General John Sedgwick put it: "They couldn't hit an elephant at this dist...“

IR&M’s risk management research is not a quantitative exercise. Risk is multi-faceted and includes policy errors related to socio-economic or monetary experiments, corruption, expropriation, negative compounding of capital, war, etc.

The research consists of around four theme pieces, 25-35 updates, 20-40 flash updates, and 45-50 momentum monitors per year.

Investors can require a free trail for three months by sending an email to info at ineichen-rm.com.

Absolute returns research

We partner with firms who value our insight into the absolute returns investment universe. A partnership can involve independent advisory, customised ad hoc presentations/workshops, and customised written research with controlled distribution to our partners' clients and prospects.

The written research material is here. A sample presentation can be found here.